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Success is not achieved by sweat alone. Fitness isn’t enough. Superior sports performance requires a whole-athlete approach. Our goal is to provide quality sports training right here in Van, TX. We offer football, baseball, softball, speed & agility, and strength & conditioning skills training. The three words we live by? Let’s be great!

Find Your Edge

Lateral speed, linear speed, change of direction, and footwork are not only essential to improved athletic performance, they are also measurable. We will track each athlete’s progress to motivate and adjust future programming. Our focus is age-appropriate resistance training that prioritizes proper technique, posture and core strength, and functional movements that apply directly to on-field performance.

Experience Rebirth

Speed & Agility Training

Want to perform better on the field? On the court? On the course? In the pool? Rebirth helps Athletes DRAMATICALLY improve their Athleticism, Resilience, and Movement to unlock their peak performance on the field of play. We offer comprehensive sports performance training for youth.

Football Training

A multi-skills training regimen that emphasizes football fundamentals. With the assistance of our knowledgeable coaches, players will improve their passing, receiving, ball control, and other abilities and techniques. Available to students in grades K–12.

Baseball & Softball Training

A training course that gives young baseball or softball players the chance to improve their knowledge and skills by training with our dedicated coaches. Available to students in grades K–12th.

Strength & Conditioning Training

A strength and conditioning regimen that will challenge you. You can enhance your entire athletic performance with the aid of this program. Available to everyone.